consulting & support

Matsya’s eclectic team has been working in the craft industry for over 10 years. Our varied experience allows us to reach out to design institutes, NGOs and individuals seeking support in other areas. Here are some of the ways in which Matsya can be of assistance.

Décor Assistance :

We source and create craft products to furnish hotels, homes and corporate offices.

Research & Documentation :

We undertake research projects for interested parties studying craft communities, exploring their cultural backgrounds, analyzing their socio-economic structures and meticulously documenting their craft processes.

Project Assistance :

We provide strategic assistance to individuals or institutions seeking to execute craft projects in India.

Business Strategy & Support :

We devise business strategies for NGOs and individuals working with artisan groups; assessing current practices and providing inputs on scaling up production, generating income, increasing profitability and more.

Product Development & Design :

We provide extensive design guidance to individuals and NGOs in the industry, helping them develop products that are relevant to contemporary markets.

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