Desi Boys (2012 craft tour)

March,27 2012
John,Diti,Sucheta,Shivani & Summer

John,Diti,Sucheta,Shivani & Summer

Bidi, Chakda ,Foot Massage

Hands On

So Graphic

So Observant

Original Rogan

rural & urban

rural & urban



this trip was crazy  i tell you. It was so raw, fun, filled with surprises …John,Diti, Summer,Shivani, Sucheta were all knew to each other embarked with matsya on the craft tour in march 2012. Within no time these guys  had blended very  well. One thing was very clear there were complete desi (local). They would couch themself in the mud, walk bare foot in the rann of kutch, which was marshy, filled with salt, john would roll some local bidis from his tobacco he had got, sucheta was a complete  wanderer, shivani a quiet bird would remember shashank her husband while enjoying the chills of the desert, ahh summer no don’t underestimate her eating capacities would be forever hungry to eat the lovely gujarati & kutchi food,madam diti, ultimate frisbee player  how can she not throw her disc and seek attention from the local  people around….pakkad, jhal jhal, means to catch in local language, this is crazy the boys would say while trying to grab the  frisbee we played soon after the folk music  at night we would all have a game of frisbee .Summer would bend herself in her yoga asanas and amaze everyone at the resort.Each one was unique & had a distinct style. 

They would pause, think, & enjoy to the core…..sucheta was sharing her bhunga(mud house) with me & i could see every night she would keep watching her pictures,shopping curious, talking about her family and daughter Sagun,whom she really missed  and  many such bed time stories we shared together.  

I learnt many things with many people as i travel but these crazy travelers gave me this one  raw experience. This trip also gave matsya something unique  by one of the Desi boys Summer Starr 





5 Responses to Desi Boys (2012 craft tour)

  1. The craft tour in Kuchchh with matsya was a truly fantastic experience.
    I was amazed by the beauty of this part of the country, the friendliness and openness of the people and their astounding skills at every kind of handicrafts. I could never describe my surprise and admiration of the ingenuous techniques and dexterity, taste and use of colours and the practicality of everything they make.
    The tour itself was incredibly organized, very well researched and super diverse. It was fun and illuminating, educational and fulfilling. Very highly recommended and definitely something i will try again in the future.
    Thanks to matsya and all the fellow travelers. Already missing all.

  2. Summer Starr says:

    Thank you for capturing what was an amazing experience. The entire trip was so special. We saw so much in such a short time – Neha, your connection to the region was inspiring and informative and made the experience of the crafts that much more moving. Yes, we truly bonded…such fabulous fellow travelers to share the experience with…will never forget playing Frisbee under the stars!

  3. Ambika Suman says:

    Love the idea of your craft tours. Read about it on Dithi Kotecha’s blog just now. Would love to join you folks on one soon!

    • Neha says:

      Thanks our craft tour’s will begin in the month of october 12 & bookings will open in September12 stay connected.

  4. Laura says:


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