matsya’s craft tours aims to connect the global traveller
with India’s artisans and craft communities.

We journey into the nooks and crannies of rural India with individual
travellers or travel groups, giving them a first-hand look at how India’s traditional crafts are practiced. Travellers are given the unique opportunity of interacting with artisans, watching them in the process and uncovering stories seldom found in books and travel magazines.

Each tour is completely customized, catering to the interests, tastes and budgets of individual travelers or travel groups. We work closely with our customers to make travel, accommodation and meal arrangements that meet their specific requirements.

At present we organize tours in various villages across the Kutch region of Gujarat and we’ll soon be commencing tours to Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

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  • Amy

    We visited Kutch in March with Matsya. We were a diverse group of urban Indians and foreigners of all ages. Neha was fantastic to work with from beginning to end, and made sure everyone was happy. Having never been to the region we put our complete faith in her and were not disappointed. We experienced block printing with natural dye, spent three days with different potter and weaver communities. This off the beaten path trip is something only someone with a connection to craftsmen could execute. We stayed at Khamir which however basic accommodation is filled with lovely people driven by a noble cause. We loved being amongst it all. It was a trip to remember fondly. Thank you!

  • Matthieu Pommier

    We are frequent visitors of India from Europe. As lovers of handmade quality crafts, we wanted to discover a new aspect of Indian culture and to not just see sights. The craft tour organized for us by Matsya was a very nice change in the way we usually travel. The tour was well planned and organized, and Neha kept in touch to make sure everything was going well. We discovered the Kutch area as we could not have done on our own, in direct contact with local people, their craft and the amazing scenery of the region. Many thanks for this unique experience!

  • Lavish Motani

    The experience in khamir with matsya has been incredible. Not only was it great learning in terms of our traditional crafts, it was also an incredible experience in terms of learning and trying to live the lifestyle. We were not only exposed to the site seeing places and the artisan's home but also allowed to experience Kutch. Neha ma'am had asked us all to take traditional clothes and would encourage us throughout the trip to just go for a walk, explore and just to be active. It would be amazing to go to other places as well with Matsya. Thank you for this experience.


    The trip to Bhuj is the most amazing experience I have till date. The hands on experience with the craftsmen was absolutely amazing and as I wished to a traveler in the coming years ...this trip was my first step towards it........and as a photographer and artist this trip is absolutely stunning as it fulfilled my demands.Please be a part of matsya and experience the taste.

  • Mona Mehta

    The trip to Kutch was awesome very well planned and executed .The students got a chance to visit all the artisans and interact with them on one to one basis. This is the second time I went with matsya but the experience is new everytime.This time my trip to Mandvi was G8. Loved the food at Khamir.

  • Rashmi Shankar

    The craft tour by Matsya was an incredible experience. The colours, people, stories, and experiences from this tour will always occupy a special place in my heart. Unlike others, this one isn't hurried and doesn't pack in a million things in a day. Neha's in-depth knowledge and patience mean that the tour is truly customised--she designs the tour with personal interests and objectives of the guests in mind. Her relationship with the craftsmen and her genuine concern for their wellbeing are heartwarming, and they're what make this tour so personal and authentic. We didn't just learn about the crafts, but went to craftspeople's homes, had chai with them and chatted with their families. To anybody who wants to experience the crafts of Gujarat at the grass root level, I highly recommend the craft tour. Thank you Neha, for the journey of a lifetime!

  • Rita Ashara

    Neha, I want to thank you personally on behalf of all my CD students, for giving us this wonderful and illuminating exposure to the artisans and different methods of crafts, art and handicrafts. It was a great journey of learning, understanding, interacting, totally humbling and listening to their tales while adding layers to the many facets of industry and rural exposure. Thanks a ton. I would love to do this again with you. All the very best for all your future endeavors.

  • Ruth Roberts

    The Matsya Craft tour was an invaluable experience for me both professionally and personally. Neha's extensive knowledge of the region's textiles and her strong relationships with artisans meant I was able to make easy connections that will get my fair trade business off to a great start. Personally too I had a lot of fun visiting new places, eating new food and spending time getting to know Neha. I would absolutely recommend a Matsya craft tour to everyone - you will be in the best hands!

  • Julien Capmeil

    The craft tour was absolutely amazing! Such a journey of discovery, with incredible encounters, beautiful sights, interesting people and a unique perspective. I highly recommend it to any interested in exploring a different side of India. Enjoy!

  • Diti

    I usually do not like guided tours and prefer to travel at my own pace and with no specific agenda in mind. But the matsya craft tour was truly a great experience because of Neha's in-depth research and knowledge on Kutch. Neha knows all the artisans personally, has worked with them extensively and knows in great detail about the technique of the crafts. This really makes the craft tour special. We did not feel like visitors, we felt like we were meeting family.

    The days were packed with lots of knowledge and experience and friends gained, still it did not feel hectic or rushed.

  • Maria

    Neha and her Matsya showed me the India i wanted to know. With her, i traveled to places and got in touch with traditions and treasures that, without her, would be very difficult to connect with.

    The craft tours made everything easier and were a valuable tool to my research project in India, in the area of Textile Design.
    Together, we created a tour to introduce me to the places and people i needed to know, for my project in Kutch and after that, i continued by myself, but always with her help, whenever needed.

    Neha is a dear friend. She truly values the Indian culture, her roots and she is a great companion, cook and a beautiful person to be with.
    So, i highly recommend the Matsya Craft Tours to everyone who wants to be in touch with the "off the road" places, artisans and crafts of India!

  • John Pitsakis

    The craft tour in Kuchchh with matsya was a truly fantastic experience.

    I was amazed by the beauty of this part of the country, the friendliness and openness of the people and their astounding skills at every kind of handicrafts. I could never describe my surprise and admiration of the ingenuous techniques and dexterity, taste and use of colours and the practicality of everything they make.

    The tour itself was incredibly organized, very well researched and super diverse. It was fun and illuminating, educational and fulfilling. Very highly recommended and definitely something i will try again in the future.

    Thanks to matsya and all the fellow travelers. Already missing all.

  • Summer Starr

    Thank you for capturing what was an amazing experience. The entire trip was so special. We saw so much in such a short time - Neha, your connection to the region was inspiring and informative and made the experience of the crafts that much more moving. Yes, we truly bonded… such fabulous fellow travelers to share the experience with…will never forget playing Frisbee under the stars!

  • Ambika Suman

    Love the idea of your craft tours. Read about it on Dithi Kotecha’s blog just now. Would love to join you folks on one soon!

  • Ruchika

    The trip to Kutch was simply amazing. Too much to write in a few words. Neha was greatly helpful in arranging the trip and the visit to the artisans. We got to go around knowing we were in good hands. I would highly recommend the craft tour for craft lovers all over.