matsya's story

    matsya is a labour of love that began with a journey.

    In 2001 an earthquake shook the foundations of Kutch, Gujarat. While accompanying a team of volunteers in their relief efforts, Neha Gandhi (founder of matsya crafts) was exposed to the age old handicraft tradition of the region; its depth, beauty and sheer vibrancy shook her to the core. Born from the debris of disaster was matsya, a steadfast commitment to rural art and craft... and there’s been no looking back since.

    matsya, today, is a team of marketers, design enthusiasts, art lovers and well-wishers working together to serve as a bridge between grassroots artisans and urban customers. We curate a unique range of home furnishings, studio pottery and accessories, retailing these products online, at exhibitions and on a one-on-one basis, to individuals as well as corporate customers.

    At matsya we recognize that urban customers have the power to impact the world simply through their purchasing choices. Our goal is to preserve, revive, and expand the rich tradition of rural handicrafts by working closely with artisans, helping them develop quality products that appeal to contemporary tastes buds. We spend hours researching purchasing patterns, design trends and marketing innovations, and use this know-how to help advance the livelihoods of rural craftspeople.

    Furthermore, matsya is engaged in such projects as organizing craft tours, undertaking craft documentation, partnering with NGOs and is presently in the process of acquiring Fair Trade certification.

    Here at matsya, we work hard and dream big hoping to establish a thriving, self-sufficient, market-savvy artisan workforce.

    For further information e-mail us at
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